If you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Do you know why people hate group projects? It is because people don’t pull their weight. Apparently, holidays are an excuse not to.

At school, the 100 of us med students are split up into groups of about 10 each course. Each time, the ten people are different, or at least they should be. Within these groups, our job is to come up with what we’d like to learn for the week and then ensure that we all know it by the end of the week. To accomplish this, we split some of the work each week, but there’s no assigning of the work. Essentially, you call it if you have an idea on how to best present the material.

This past Tuesday was Valentine’s day. So on Wednesday morning, where we usually have about 4 students lead the discussion, we only had two people prepared to do so. A lot of this can be attributed to how hard the week’s material was and how little it lent itself to critical thought. Some other parts of it can be attributed to the coupled-up individuals in the group taking the night off.

It turns out that one of the girls in my group was asked if she was preparing anything and she replied: “no, let the single people take care of!”


When did this become a thing? You can shirk responsibilities if you have a significant other now? You can say, not tonight because I have a date, even though others are depending on you? And what’s worse, those who are single have to take on that responsibility, be punished for not being in a relationship?

I don’t think I understand how this world works.

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