Deportation as a treatment option

A few months ago, my school had us work on a small project. Groups of about 8-10 students had to stand in front of a fake transplant committee and argue that their patient should be on the liver transplant list. Every one of us was denied a liver.

If that wasn’t striking already, one particular group was told that the best they could do for their patient is advise him to go back to Mexico, where the patient was from, in order to receive a liver.

This hypothetical patient was an undocumented immigrant with a history of Hepatitis that he acquired through no fault of his own. There were a lot of arguments being thrown around and I was already angry at everything being said or insinuated but what broke the camel’s back was the suggestion that this man had no human rights because he wasn’t a US citizen.

Not only is this incredibly unfair, it is flawed beyond belief. Being sent back to Mexico would spell certain death for this poor man! In Mexico, you have to pay for livers and this man has no money. It was likely insanely hard to get into the US the first time around–what with the walking hundreds of miles through desert–he has come to us, medical professionals for help and we are actually asking that he be deported.

Is this the profession I so eagerly want to be a part of?



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