Everyone should watch Hulu’s Casual


It is witty and unapologetic about what it (or its writers) believes. I don’t think this show intends to be about social commentary more so than it is about dating after a certain age, but it is accomplishing both.

I was hooked after episode 2 of season 2. Don’t get me wrong, the first season was darn good.

During this episode, however, Laura, needs to find a new school, and Alex, her uncle decides to home school her.  When he’s telling her about his plans for her curriculum, the angst ridden teenager asks him to “fuck off”. Uncle Alex replies “you are straight, White and rich. The world has lavished you with underserved favor. It would be thankless to rest on your laurels.”

I sat in my bed, where I tend to watch, and clicked the replay button. I had to! I re-watched that moment about 4 times and thought—YES! This is what straight, White, rich America should be realizing. How much time must the rest of us spend explaining how much privilege you have been afforded, huh?


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