8 Costly things I wish I had had a father to teach me

  1. The diesel is in the isolated pump and the nozzle is large. It is also labeled diesel. It is also usually green.
    The gas is in the rest of the pumps. You cannot use diesel in a car, it won’t run the car. Whatever you do, don’t start the car! If you read that too late, the car will stop in the middle of the road with no warning. You’ll be stuck there until a tow truck can come get you and it’ll run about $500 to clean out of the engine.
  2. If you can avoid getting a rental car, do it. Friends and roommates tend to be nice about driving you around for absolutely necessary reasons if you promise to return the favor when their vehicle is down. You can also carpool with coworkers or classmates for the time it takes to repair your car. Or take public transportation! Each of these is cheaper. See, your car insurance says they will pay for a rental car, but there’s a limit to how much they will pay.
  3. Banks charge a monthly fee–read your agreement! Sometimes, it is $25 a month, which many not seem like much but adds up to $300 a year. You’ll be wondering why your budget doesn’t work only to realize your bank has been taking your money. These fees are for maintaining your account when you have less than like $10,000 in your account. So either keep $10,000 in your account, or you know, don’t and find a different bank or, better yet, a credit union (which has its own limitations).
  4. Speaking of banks, save your money–like get a retirement account or an IRA or something because these compound interest over time. Or something like that. Can you tell I still don’t know what I am talking about here? Also, something about investing also goes in this bullet.
  5. In order to rent an apartment, there will be a rental fee and a broker’s fee and you’ll need to put up a security deposit, and first and last month’s rent. Have this money before you even start looking. You’ll also need references. Many places only require some of these and many times it’s not sketchy not to require it all but a good amount of the time, it’s sketchy. On the other hand, sometimes it is sketch to require it all, too.
  6. More on renting: Read the lease! If the landlord is asking for all of the year’s checks to be written in advance, that’s a huge red flag! Look elsewhere.
  7. Document everything about everything! You’ll need it in case you need to take someone, say your landlord, to small claims court.
  8. When someone asks you stay in your living room until they are back on their feet and promises to pay you some amount of rent once the getting back on the feet has begun, do not believe them.-K

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